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Location Matters: See the Cost of Living in South Dakota

You already know that South Dakota is a tax haven — but here's how far your dollar goes in the state.

Thinking of moving from a high-tax state to beautiful South Dakota? You're not alone! The Rapid City area was recently named a top emerging housing market in the United States, based on the quality of life homeowners experience and the strong return on investment, according to the The Wall Street Journal and

But how far does your income really go in South Dakota? We used this South Dakota Real Wage Calculator to compare a $100,000 income in South Dakota to three high-tax states: California, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

$100,000 in South Dakota

  • After-Tax Wages: $76,934

  • Purchasing Power: $84,729

$100,000 in New Jersey

  • After-Tax Wages: $72,754

  • Purchasing Power: $64,270

$100,000 in California

  • After-Tax Wages: $70,785

  • Purchasing Power: $61,875

$100,000 in Hawaii

  • After-Tax Wages: $69,706

  • Purchasing Power: $58,873

The state you live in can affect your purchasing power by nearly 30%.

South Dakota is also a great state for business and employment. In South Dakota, "freedom" isn't just a buzzword (it's a way of life!). Entrepreneurs love that South Dakota has a business-friendly climate that's full of opportunities and free of red tape. Here, pro-business policies combine with quality of life that's unmatchable.

In addition to higher after-tax wages and more purchasing power, you'll also enjoy a high quality of life with incredible amenities when you choose Dakota Highland Estates. Think hiking trails, common areas, horse trails, and fire pits that allow you to be part of something greater with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Come home to greatness (and save while doing so!) by purchasing land for sale at Dakota Highland Estates. Next, we'll connect you with top-rated custom home builders and mortgage lenders — all in one place near the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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