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Why South Dakota Is a Great State for Businesses & Employment

You may already know that this stunning state is a tax haven – but here are more reasons you'll want to move here as a business owner or job seeker.

South Dakota has no personal state income tax or corporate income tax, and the per capita personal income ranks in the top 5 of all states. In fact, low taxes makes it the second best state in the country to start a business, per a 2021 Blueprint report.

However, here are five more reasons South Dakota is considered a treasure trove for businesses and job seekers – and how that's driven phenomenal economic growth in the state.

1. Major Business Projects Come Here

In March, Site Selection magazine released its rankings for the 2021 Governor's Cup, which is awarded to the states with the most business development projects in a calendar year. The results show that South Dakota competes with some of the biggest states in the country for big business projects.

South Dakota ranked second overall for per-capita projects (with Kansas only narrowly exceeding it).

Economic growth in South Dakota is booming: Between 2019 and 2021, South Dakota's ranking jumped from 37th to 2nd in projects per capita.

Total investment in the state (when counting only eligible Site Selection projects) adds up to an incredible $1.2 billion. This has added 2.8 million square feet of production space and an estimated growth of 2,600 jobs throughout South Dakota.

2. Large Companies Know South Dakota Has Opportunities

Recently, the Aesir Technologies manufacturing facility was brought into Rapid City, which will add 400 skilled jobs for producing batteries used in service data centers and cell phone networks.

Meanwhile, Amazon's new fulfillment center in Sioux Falls has added 3 million square feet of factory floor and welcomed 1,000 new full-time jobs this year. CJ Foods is also building a large new $500 million facility that will bring in 600 new jobs by 2025.

Large companies like Amazon, Aesir Technologies, and CJ Foods are bringing thousands of new jobs to South Dakota.

3. South Dakota Is Charging Forward With Innovation

In the last three years, South Dakota has seen immense business development growth and has expanded high-speed internet statewide to usher in new business opportunities.

Recently, legislature funded a $30 million investment in the cyber research program at Dakota State University, which will double the number of students who will graduate with the skills to land six-figure jobs out of college.

4. Dakota Roots Provides Opportunities for Job Seekers

Worried about finding a job if you move to South Dakota? No need! Dakota Roots is a 100% free service (backed by the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation) that helps out-of-state job seekers find career opportunities and new homes in South Dakota.

South Dakota puts a focus on helping individuals and businesses succeed with low taxes, job opportunities and programs, an emphasis on education, and less red tape and restrictions. It's also the #1 best state for veterans to live and work (per SmartAsset).

Job seekers from out-of-state receive free assistance in finding career opportunities and new homes in South Dakota.

5. Skilled Professionals Are in Demand

Plenty of high-wage occupations are in high-demand in South Dakota, including:

  • Truck Drivers

  • Registered Nurses and Healthcare

  • Accounting/Finance

  • Sales Representatives

  • Mechanics

  • Specialty Trades

  • Technology

South Dakota has been ranked one of the top states for landing a dream job (or getting a job in general!).

But It's Also About Quality of Life

South Dakota is clearly great for business and employment, but it's also the #1 state for short commute times (per Dakota Roots) and one of the least stressed states in the country (WalletHub).

With natural beauty everywhere you look, you'll be able to easily balance business with pleasure – especially when you plant roots in Dakota Highland Estates. See our amenities, from fire pits to hiking trails, that will recharge you when you retreat from the workday.

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