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Mortgage Lenders in South Dakota

Trust, authenticity, and reliability: These are all characteristics you look for in a mortgage lender, but can be hard to find.


Fortunately, when you build your dream custom home in Dakota Highland Estates, we not only provide you with the best land for sale in South Dakota and the top custom home builders, but we also help you secure a loan for your project with trusted, top-rated mortgage lenders. It's one more way we make your peak lifestyle dreams a reality.

What You Can Expect

What Is A Mortgage Loan Originator?

Put simply, a mortgage loan originator is an expert who helps you walk through every step of getting a mortgage, collecting documents, verifying financial information, and give you an honest estimate of your loan amount and interest rate based on a thorough review of your financials. This not only helps you determine your budget for a home, but can also show sellers that you're able to buy a home.


Typically, you have to find land for sale, custom home builders, and mortgage loan originators all on your own — and separately. However, when you choose Dakota Highland Estates, you'll find a one-stop shop for trusted companies across all three of these sectors that help you seamlessly create your dream home.

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