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Discover the Arts, Culture & History of South Dakota

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Historic adventures are boundless in this great state, where you'll find everything from prehistoric dinosaurs to amazing indigenous American history and Mount Rushmore.

You may first think of the great outdoors when you hear "South Dakota" — and you wouldn't be wrong, since the state is lush with nature and wildlife — but there's also plenty of art, culture, and history to explore when you move to South Dakota.

In addition to the famed Mount Rushmore National Memorial and prehistoric dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Museum in the Black Hills, here are just a few of the things you can expect to discover, per the South Dakota Department of Tourism.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The world's largest mountain carving in progress, the Crazy Horse Memorial is meant to protect and preserve the culture and living heritage of all North American Indians. When it's completed, this depiction of a great Lakota warrior will be 641 feet long and 563 feet high!

Lewis & Clark Trail

These legendary explorers first entered South Dakota at its southeastern tip, which is where you can begin walking in their footsteps on the Lewis & Clark Trail. Along the way, you'll discover the site of the first election by U.S. citizens wests of the Mississippi, Spirit Mound Historic Prairie, and the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve (where you can see one of the last free-flowing parts of the Missouri River).

Dignity Sculpture

Found on a bluff between exits 263 and 265, this stainless steel, 50-foot-tall statue honors the cultures of the Lakota and Dakota people. Native American models ages 14, 29, and 55 inspired the face of the statue, who wears a dress patterned after a two-hide dress of the 1850s.

Sandy Swallow Gallery

Learn more about Native American art and culture by visiting the Sandy Swallow Gallery, where you'll see a complete collection of works — plus notecards, cups, jewelry, and designer apparel — from internationally recognized artist Sandy Swallow.

Firehouse Brewing Company

Visit the original Rapid City firehouse, built of four-layer brick in 1915, in downtown Rapid city. Although it's on the National Historic Register, today you can order up craft beer, buffalo burgers, steak, and the site's famous gumbo at the firehouse.

There's much more that awaits you in South Dakota! If you're thinking of moving to South Dakota, explore land for sale or contact our team for personalized recommendations.

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