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3 Tips for Moving to South Dakota From Out-of-State

If you're moving to South Dakota from Illinois, California, or another state, here are simple steps you should take to turn your dream home into a reality.

Data shows that homeowners are moving out of states like Illinois, Minnesota, and California at high rates and moving into states like South Dakota. In fact, the state ranks #2 in the nation for people moving in — with 69 percent moving in compared to moving out, per Black Hills FOX.

If you're considering moving to South Dakota, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to! Here are three simple steps to take if you're moving to South Dakota from out-of-state.

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1. Buy Your Ideal Lot

It's worth considering what views you want to wake up every day — there are plenty to enjoy in South Dakota. You'll find some of the most stunning views in the state near the Black Hills. This might include (but isn't limited to):

  • A sweeping view of the famous Bear Butte formation

  • Rolling, pine-topped hills

  • Lush prairies

You should also think about the available amenities in your community: At Dakota Highland Estates, some lots for sale are situated right next to hiking trails and horse trails, while others are in closer proximity to community amenities like picnic areas and fire pits.

Consider what's most important to you — and the amount of acreage you're looking for — when choosing the perfect lot of land to purchase for your dream home.

Our experts can help you envision what every day will look like on a given lot and take you for a tour of the land in person.

2. Decide If You Want to Build a Custom Home

While there are plenty of pre-built homes to choose from, you may also choose to connect with a custom home builder.

The perks of working with a custom home builder include being able to create a home that perfectly accommodates your needs and matches your vision, without looking around for a just-right home to do so (you might be looking for a while!).

When you connect with a custom home builder, you'll be paired with a dedicated project manager who works to best understand your needs — and if needed, a team of professional designers will assist through the development of construction drawings.

See sample blueprints from Rangel Construction Company, our partner builder, below:

3. Connect With a Trusted Mortgage Lender

A mortgage loan originator is an expert who helps you walk through every step of getting a mortgage, collecting documents, verifying financial information, and give you an honest estimate of your loan amount and interest rate based on a thorough review of your financials.

This shows sellers that you're capable of purchasing a home and also helps you determine your budget for a home.

There are three key things you should look for in a mortgage lender:

  • Trust: You should only work with the top-rated mortgage lenders in South Dakota, so you can feel confident that you're finding the best loan for your home. Our thoroughly-vetted lenders will help you find the best match for a loan home program and answer all your questions.

  • Authenticity: Mortgage lenders shouldn't just focus on closing a deal — they should actually take time to learn about you, your concerns, and your homeowner goals. This allows them to find the best match for you, going far beyond the cookie cutter service many lenders provide.

  • Reliability: Mortgage lenders should stay in touch with you every step of the way until your secure the best loan for your custom home. Many homeowners stay in touch with our mortgage lenders long after because of the relationships they build.

Moving to South Dakota Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

In three simple steps, you can make your dream home a reality: Buy your ideal lot, decide if you want to build a custom home, and connect with a trusted mortgage lender.

Our experts at Dakota Highland Estates are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get personalized recommendations based on your goals.

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