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Why Custom Homes in South Dakota Are the Best Choice for You

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Affordability, beautiful views, and tax breaks are just a few reasons to choose South Dakota.

There’s never been a better time than now to call South Dakota home. With ample space, scenic hilltop views, plenty of outdoor recreation options—not to mention all of the comforts of modern living, allow us to introduce you to modern-day South Dakota, where living is easy.

1. It's a Top Housing Market just named Rapid City, South Dakota (population 74,000, only second to Sioux City in size in the state, and a mere 35-minute drive away from Whitewood) the number two housing market in the U.S., both due to the quality of life homeowners experience and the ability to offer a strong return on the investment.

2. Savvy Investors Are Choosing South Dakota

There’s been a 9 percent statewide population growth since 2010, according to the United States Census Bureau’s 2020 data.

That ranks it among the top 15 fastest-growing states in America.

3. You'll Benefit From the Economy & Tax Breaks

While perks like the stunning Black Hills National Forest, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Bear Butte and prairies are clearly visible, the 16th largest state in the country comes with many lesser-known benefits, per the governor’s office of economic development:

  • No personal state income tax

  • No corporate income tax

  • The per capita personal income ranks in the top 5 of all states

  • Dakota Roots’ free program helps residents discover their dream jobs

  • Local products excel: South Dakota is among the top 10 most prolific states in terms of production of hay, sunflowers, rye, honey, soybeans, corn, wheat and cattle

  • The cost for healthcare, utilities, housing and transportation all rank well below the national average

There is no personal state income tax in South Dakota.

And best of all, South Dakota ranks first as the most affordable state to build a home, Ramsey Solutions reports.

Building a custom home within walking or driving distance of all of those sights, plus with said home situated in a state with all of those economic benefits, allows you to make your dream home—and daily life—a reality.

Homes in South Dakota are the least expensive to build in the United States.

Now Is the Time to Buy Land in South Dakota

Custom homes in South Dakota are the best choice for your dream lifestyle for many reasons. Explore land for sale in South Dakota now, then connect with one of our custom home builders to bring your vision to life — and secure a loan with one of our trusted mortgage lenders.

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