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5 Amazing Views You'll Experience at Dakota Highland Estates

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

There's stunning scenery in every lot of land for sale here.

Finding land for sale isn't just about the land itself — it's about what surrounds that land and what you'll look at every time you rise out of bed or step outside for a cup of coffee.

Every lot at Dakota Highland Estates has been meticulously planned to give you the greatest views, no matter what you're looking for. Here are just five of the beautiful sights you'll see when you plant roots here.

1. Bear Butte

The geological formation given the Lakota name of Mato Paha or "Bear Mountain" formed millions of years ago and is sacred to many American Indian tribes, per the State of South Dakota.

Many tribes come to Bear Butte to hold religious ceremonies and it's a highly sought-after scenic landmark for homeowners in the region.

2. Prairies

Enjoy vast expanses of prairies and grasslands at Dakota Highland Estates. You'll feel one with nature as you observe the South Dakota sun glisten off long blades of grass that welcome wildlife like deer and wild turkeys for miles.

3. Sunsets Over Whitewood

Watch the sky light up in yellow, orange, and pink as the sun dips behind the town of Whitewood to the west.

This charming town was platted in 1887 and officially became a town in 1888, as the railroad brought new inhabitants and the area's production of wheat, oats, and dairy cattle allowed for trade with the area mining camps, per the City of Whitewood.

4. Stunning Wildlife

It's difficult to visit Dakota Highland Estates without spotting a wild turkey or deer. You're also more than welcome to bring your horses, who will quickly feel at home on our community horse trails.

5. Ponderosa Pines & Hardwood Trees

You'll enjoy a unique blend of beautiful greenery on every lot — with some boasting more dense acres of trees (if you love the feeling of being in a cozy forest) and others offering more space to gaze into the scenic distance.

There's Something for Everyone

If you love nature, you'll love the views at Dakota Highland Estates. Explore land for sale to pinpoint which lot captures your ideal view — or contact our team for personalized recommendations.

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